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Welcome to Mary Hanley Catholic School

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On behalf of the staff of Mary Hanley welcome to the month of all months, December!!!
We live in a society that celebrates Christmas from November to December 25th --- rather than focusing on the season of preparation, the season of Advent. Let us work to remember that ‘It is winter time. Days are short and nights are long. We need the light of Christ. We need Christ’s warmth and love and joy. And so we gather around the Advent wreath in hope’.  
Please join us for one of our Advent celebrations! We also look forward to glorious choral and hand bell work from our children when they visit the Legislature and the Mazankowski Heart Institute; surely a little glimpse of heaven! Thank you for the gift of your children and for the multitude of gifts that you share with the Mary Hanley community!

Maria Suchocki Alida Stewart
Principal Assistant Principal


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