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November thoughts….
The bright glory
of autumn foliage and flowers quickly disintegrates under the increasing darkness and cold. Visuals in the classroom of saints and mementos of the dead are added to the autumn décor. Reflecting the deepening darkness and increasing cold, the mood of November shifts from the brightness of All Saints to the more somber, wintry and mystical atmosphere of Advent. All Saints and All Souls décor can stay in place for the first weeks of November. During celebrations, do not separate Halloween from All Saints and All Souls.
Think of Halloween as “November Eve”. Set up a shrine for the dead. Gather pictures and other mementos, and add signs of the harvest. Leave this up through the month. It wouldn’t be inappropriate to leave it up during Advent as well. Face death squarely. Talk about it. Study it. Distinguish a holy death from the unwholesome images offered by the entertainment industry.
The entire month of November weaves together these key themes: harvest gathering and thanksgiving, a taste of heaven’s abundance, the sharing of charity, and homecoming in the new Jerusalem, the inevitability of death and judgement, and the arrival of God’s glorious reign. Those themes echo loudly through the month and are never separated.
School Year Church Year by Peter Hays (pp 118-120)

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