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Welcome to Mary Hanley Catholic School

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As we move into February we pass the halfway point of the school year.  An elementary school is always a busy place and the learning happening at each level is incredible. Stories are growing in length and complexity, students get chances to work in independent groups, and routines for each class are well established.  When looking at the calendar, it is also one of the busiest months filled with activities and special events.  From Groundhog Day and the 100th day of school to Shrove Tuesday, there are a great variety of activities happening in and around our school: Family dance, Faith Development Day for staff, and plenty of school events! Make sure to check out the calendar for details.
This month we take time to celebrate kindness. There are so many simple ways we can show kindness to others around us each and every day.  As a community we reach out to others by our actions. In following with our yearly theme of A Place of Joy we remind ourselves:
How do we bring Joy to others?
How do we share Joy?  
How do we experience Joy?
At school this month we challenge our students to look for opportunities to really focus on kindness. Activities with buddy classes, surprise kindnesses, and helping others out without being asked are just a few ways we’ll share kindness here.  Take time to plan ideas like that into your family routines too. Remember this simple math:  Small action + small action = a kinder world for all!
Thanks for all you do to support your children in their education!
Have a fantastic February!

Pat Lema

Danielle Kowalchyk
Principal Assistant Principal


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