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Important Dates

Entering into the Mystery of September
, in monasteries, September 14, Holy Cross Day, marks the end of the warm season and the beginning of the cold season. Schedules and wardrobes and meals are adjusted to accommodate the chilly weather and decreasing hours of daylight. A half-year later, on Good Friday, it’s back to the warm season regimen.
The new school year means that our schedules shift. Our clothing changes. Even our meals are affected. Folks with no connection to school may develop the urge to buy pencils, erasers and a box of foil stars. It’s in our blood.
Autumn can seem like the year’s grand finale, but it also feels like a fresh start. The first chilly mornings get energies into high gear.
In the old Roman Catholic calendar, following Holy Cross Day was the week of the autumn ember days, a fast in thanksgiving for the new season. (Imagine that---fasting as an act of thanksgiving!)
The ember days were a kind of New Year celebration marking the arrival of the equinox.
From: School Year Church Year Customs and Decorations for the Classroom by Peter Mazar

Edmonton Catholic School District’s theme for this year is Life of Grace Journey of Love. Mother Angelica, the founder of The Eternal Word Television Network in her Little Book of Life Lessons and Everyday Spirituality writes: “Love is not a feeling. It is a decision. Jesus cannot command that you have a feeling. He can only command us to make a decision, and love is the greatest decision we will ever make.”

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